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Live Dealer Baccarat: Home-Based Real Casino Baccarat

Wouldn't it be more fun if you play baccarat with a real dealer even if you're gambling on a computer?

Now that's possible with live dealer baccarat. Live dealer baccarat is played online. But with aid of a webcam and video streaming technology, you get connected to real casino, where a human dealer deals real cards and place them on a real baccarat table. In some live dealer casinos, the cards have enlarged prints to allow other players to see the prints on the card easily.

In live dealer baccarat, chatting with dealer and other player is also possible. You will find a chat box on your computer screen and you can use this to "talk" with real people. This approximates real casino atmosphere where you find players engaged in casual conversations.

On the welcome or homepage of the live casino, you will find different game tables with different bet requirements and dealers. Some tables have $1 min- $10 max bet limits; some have $5 min -$500 max, and many more. In live dealer baccarat, you have the advantage of choosing a table with limits that suit your wagering bankroll.

To play live dealer baccarat, choose between Player, Banker, and Tie bets. Place the amount (chips) you'd like to wager on the square/or circle assigned for each bet. When all players have already placed their bets, the dealer will start the dealing of cards. There's no need to press a "Deal" button as you would when you play virtual simulation baccarat. The dealer may draw a third following drawing of third card rules.

To win, the selected hand or bet must match the winning outcome. If the Banker hand wins and you have wagered on Banker, you win 1:1. If Player hand wins and you have played on the same hand, you win 1:1 also. If there are tie of scores and you on "Tie" you win 8:1. Playing and winning in live dealer baccarat is all that simple.

If you win, your total winnings will be added to your current balance. If you lose, the amount will be automatically deducted from your bankroll.

Live dealer baccarat assimilates the world of online and offline baccarat so you could have both in your homes. Now you just don't have the comfort and convenience of online gambling, but also you have the fun and advantage of playing in real casino with a real dealer in live dealer baccarat.