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An Analysis of John May's Book "Baccarat for the Clueless (The Clueless Guides)"

Baccarat players who look for references or books that contain information that will be helpful to increase their knowledge in the card game are assured that they will not have difficulties finding them. Many books are advertised and reviewed by gambling companies to help casino players enhance their skills in playing their favorite games. What players should do is to carefully assess the content of the book that they like to know if it has the information that they need.

Not all baccarat players are aware that by surfing the Internet, they will have an idea about the most suggested books for them. There are Web sites in the Internet that do not just review gambling books but also sell them. These sites are very helpful because players will be able to save money and time that they might be spending looking for these references.

John May's "Baccarat for the Clueless (The Clueless Guides)," is greatly suggested by baccarat professional players. Most writers who have reviewed the book were amazed by the knowledge of the author about the different aspects of the game such as its history as well as the mathematics behind baccarat. The author also succeeds in discussing the betting techniques that will make players be assured of their increased winnings.

Many gamblers believe that the book is really useful for new players. The strategy that is highlighted in this reference is the card counting technique. The author believes that this technique is very helpful to improve the chances of players in baccarat. The book is not just helpful to novice players but also to advanced or professional players because the book contains information that would enhance their knowledge about the technical aspects of this card game.

Even if the game is praised by many authors, there are writers who criticized the book for the strategies that the author presented. They agree that the author should not describe the techniques as winning strategies because there are no strategies that can perfectly assure players that they will win the game if they use them. There are also criticisms raised against the author's description of Baccarat Banque. Some writers believed that John May do not clearly understand the concept behind Baccarat Banque.

Despite the criticisms against the book, many baccarat players still find it useful and many writers still admire the author for his knowledge about this exciting game. Hence, players are encouraged to buy and read this book thoroughly because they will benefit and they will learn a lot from the content of "Baccarat for the Clueless (The Clueless Guides)."

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